Status Report — October

(I started writing this post late Monday night. I’m finishing it Tuesday evening while dinner is cooking.)

Sitting…on the couch, snuggled up close to my man, watching Monday Night Football and my fantasy team, which is succumbing to defeat. That person who thought up fantasy football was a marketing genius.

Drinking…Diet Mt. Dew

Wondering…how I’ve managed to fill every single weekend in October with activity. Is the fall always this busy?

ReadingLes Misérables

Enjoying…football season.

Anticipating…our fall camping trips. Though it’s been a bit humid lately, the temperature is perfect for camping! We’ve already enjoyed the cool evenings beside our little fire pit in the backyard.

Thankful…for a healthy dinner on the table tonight. I’m hungry!

Learning…all kinds of interesting things alongside the children. I switched our history curriculum from Sonlight to Veritas. They aren’t that different in that they both require lots of reading, but I like that Veritas provides effective helps for memorizing the timeline, worksheets, activities, projects, and tests. I wish I had made the switch years ago.

Wishing…I had a desire to go for a run or do a turbofire workout. This fat isn’t going to burn by itself.

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2 thoughts on “Status Report — October

  1. Leslie,
    I always love when you write in this format…makes me laugh. Great for attention and emphasis. The hubster and I love to watch football, too.- we usually watch the TItans after church. Our most interesting football day will be the day the Titans face the Broncos. You can take the girl out of the Midwest = I cheer for the Titans till the Broncs come to town =o]
    Enjoy your fall – sounds like it’s all shaped up.
    Grace and Peace,


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