Day: November 17, 2006

Christmas Pictures, Part 6

Christmas 2004. Hannah was 5, Benjamin was 4, Noah was almost 3, and Abbey was about 16 months. We made several attempts at pictures on different days. Enjoy! Everyone is waiting patiently for Abbey to stop wailing. Those facial expressions are priceless! I think… Continue Reading “Christmas Pictures, Part 6”

Christmas Pictures, Part 5b

No one was ready for this one. Clearly, Benjamin has had enough of taking pictures. Abbey, at a few months of age, hasn’t a clue about anything. And for some reason, the bottom of the picture is cut off–(sigh) Blogger. We never managed a… Continue Reading “Christmas Pictures, Part 5b”

Christmas Pictures, Part 5a

Christmas 2003. Hannah was 4, Benjamin was 3, Noah was 23 months, and Abbey was 3 months. Our family is complete. These are the pictures from a studio. We also made some at home, which I will post later. (They are great!) Anyway, every… Continue Reading “Christmas Pictures, Part 5a”

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