Day: May 2, 2007

Physical Causes of Depression

In When the Darkness Will Not Lift, John Piper offers several reasons for why a Christian may suffer from melancholy–and its evil cousin, depression: sin, Satanic assault, distressing circumstances, or hereditary or other physical causes. He draws much of his wisdom from Puritan pastors… Continue Reading “Physical Causes of Depression”

May’s Recipe Round-Up

Kim is hosting this month’s recipe round-up. The category this time around is appetizers. She writes, “Since I love to entertain, in May we’re calling for easy, delicious (and possibly impressive) appetizers. (The best appetizers are easy, delicious, AND impressive, right?)” To participate this… Continue Reading “May’s Recipe Round-Up”

The Beauty of Flowers

I remember when I didn’t care much for flowers. “Why give flowers as a gift? That’s the dumbest gift in the history of gifting! They die and you’re left with nothing but a memory.” Then, I birthed a daughter. The kind of daughter who… Continue Reading “The Beauty of Flowers”

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