Day: June 15, 2007

Poetry Friday

My very talented husband wrote this Haiku for an assignment for one of his classes in college. The professor submitted it to a national haiku contest, and he won an honorable mention. Isn’t that special? Frost on the window A wrinkled face gazing out…

Quote of the Week

I’m sure this happens in your life, too, so I’m not going to be embarrassed to share it. Was it Tuesday that I failed to master my “tongue” on this blog? Yes. Well, Wednesday evening at church God felt that it was necessary to…

Book Sale!

WTS Bookstore is having a sale this month on children’s resources and books. The titles listed in this sale are 50% off until June 26. And, as always, the shipping is $5 no matter the size of your order. They use UPS every time….

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