Day: June 29, 2007

Books, Books, and, Yes! More Books

WTS Books always has great sale prices. And, as always, shipping is $5 no matter how large the order. Right now they have several books for couples and parents at great prices. This is an excellent parenting resource! The only thing is that he…

Here’s something important

We have a cousin named Rick who is in Poznan, Poland right now with a group of college students from the US, sharing the gospel with anyone they meet. I’m sure he’d appreciate your prayers, as would his parents. Michael Shattuck is keeping a…

What If Adam Were Victorious?

This is a very interesting question to me, and one for which I am not sure there is an answer. One thing is certain, God ordained that Adam would fall, therefore, somehow in His Sovereign wisdom and working throughout history, Adam’s defeat is for…

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