Day: December 4, 2007

Book Review: With the Master in the School of Tested Faith by Susan Heck

Women who write Bible studies for women are in high demand these days.  It seems that every time I visit our local Christian retailer there is a new, “insightful,” “life-changing,” Bible study written specifically for women.  I have participated in many of these studies. …

A Warning for Facebook Users

My husband keeps abreast of all things technological (he has to for his profession) and he sent an important notice about Facebook to me this afternoon. Contrary to what I previously believed about Facebook’s tracking of my internet activity, a new study reveals that…

Help a Blogger Out

Blogger has a new poll-taking widget and I’m trying it out today. I was thinking over the weekend about what I might write about the next few weeks, and there is precious little right now. I have to catch up on my Reading the…

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