A Warning for Facebook Users

My husband keeps abreast of all things technological (he has to for his profession) and he sent an important notice about Facebook to me this afternoon. Contrary to what I previously believed about Facebook’s tracking of my internet activity, a new study reveals that their tracking of users is much more invasive than they originally admitted. I know that many of you Lux Venit readers are on Facebook because you’re my friends, so I thought I’d let you know that the Big Brothers at Facebook are watching us EVEN WHEN WE’RE NOT LOGGED ON TO FACEBOOK. So, if you’re up to something online that you’d like to keep a secret (purchasing gifts, signing up for services, etc.) , then you might want to delete your Facebook account. Read the article on ComputerWorld.

3 Comments on “A Warning for Facebook Users

  1. Hmmmm…wow…wierd…scary…I’m going to have to ask Josh about this one! =)are you keeping your account?


  2. I haven’t talked to Karl about it. I suppose it would be embarrassing if all of my recent online purchases were listed for all my friends to see. “Leslie went shopping today at ______ and bought _____, ______, and ______.” That would be really weird. That is definitely a violation of my privacy. Who knows what else or how much they’re tracking? They’ve already lied about it once. I’m not sure about trusting them even if they change their policy. I don’t really need a facebook account. If I cancel, though, I won’t be able to continue dominating everyone in PacMan and Tetron. LOL!


  3. oh wow. I didn’t know this. I don’t use facebook, but my hubby does! Thanks for the info, I’m passing it on right now!


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