Day: December 12, 2007

Recipe Round-Up: Cookies

I forgot all about this month’s round-up despite seeing all the reminders that popped up this week. I want to contribute something for those with allergies to dairy, nuts, eggs, and soy. I found this simple cookie recipe a few weeks ago and made… Continue Reading “Recipe Round-Up: Cookies”

WCT: Opening Credits

It’s time for another Watching Classics Together! I know you’re excited. When I was a youngster, there were a few t.v. shows with theme music that I had to get up and dance to. Before there was The Weather Channel, my grandparents watched Dallas… Continue Reading “WCT: Opening Credits”

Tis the Season…To Cast Your Cares

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little stressed. In addition to our usual weekly commitments and doing school, Upward Basketball practices start this week. The kids are super-excited with this development. Also, we have to make appearances at a couple of Karl’s… Continue Reading “Tis the Season…To Cast Your Cares”

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