WCT: Opening Credits

It’s time for another Watching Classics Together! I know you’re excited.

When I was a youngster, there were a few t.v. shows with theme music that I had to get up and dance to. Before there was The Weather Channel, my grandparents watched Dallas and Hee Haw. I have wonderful memories of spending weekends with them and dancing my little heart out to the Dallas theme song. I don’t recall ever watching the show, but they did let me dance to the music before going to bed. This is the version of the song that I remember:

The other classic opening theme I want to share is one that my brother and I loved to sing together. It is the from “The Fall Guy.” Now, we had no idea what the words were. No idea whatsoever. I didn’t know the real words until Karl sang it for me a few years ago (yes, he remembers the words all these many years later). Then we had a good laugh over how dumb my brother and I were. I have the most hilarious home movie of my kid brother and me singing it. He is “playing” his blue, plastic guitar and we are singing our little hearts out. Some of our “words” are just grunts since we didn’t actually know the words. It’s funny, I tell you! Warning: there are scantily clad ladies in these opening credits.

Last, but certainly not least, I offer you “The Dukes of Hazzard” theme music. There are home movies with the blue guitar and this song, too. Again, Daisy could stand to put on a little more clothing.

These songs will always hold a special place in my heart because of the memories that were made while singing and dancing to them. What are some of your favorites?

Karl informed me that I forgot to include the theme to the A-Team. While my brother and I did watch The A-Team, I don’t ever recall dancing to this theme music. Still, it is what I would call classic. I pity the fool who doesn’t call the A-Team theme song “classic!”

5 Comments on “WCT: Opening Credits

  1. I taught myself the Dallas theme song on my handy-dandy keyboard and I had every intention to marry Bo Duke….then I found out he was as old as my dad.


  2. I had a thing for Luke. I liked Bo’s smile, but I’ve never really appreciated the blond-headed man.


  3. Well obviously by our choice in husbands, the strong,(sometimes)silent,dark-headed fella seemed to win out 🙂


  4. There’s a song stuck in my head. We just bought season one of the Brady Bunch for my 7 year old’s birthday. Like riding a bike. Some things you never forget. That’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch.


  5. AWESOME! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And you know that Enos lives in my hometown – Valdosta, GA. In fact, when we go down there, we always go this old country buffet and eat – and he’s usually there. Brian was a big Dukes fan and he stayed home with a sick kid the last time we saw Enos. But my Dad knows him so I was able to get my pic with him. I’ll have to try and get a copy from my Mom!!


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