Day: December 13, 2007

RCT: The Nature of Mortification (Ch. 5)

Chapter 5 begins the second section of Owen’s book, Overcoming Sin and Temptation. The first four chapters detailed that it is the Christian’s duty to “be killing sin or it will be killing you.” Now Owen is going to explain what it means to…

See, Honey, here’s proof that I’m not moody

I saw this little quiz at Over the Moon with Joy, and I had to play. I love a creamy latte! What My Latte Says About Me You are very decadent in all aspects of your life. You never scale back, and you always…

Need a good laugh today? (Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant)

Study: Evolutionary Change Lets Pregnant Women Stand Upright WASHINGTON — With all that growing weight up front, how is it that pregnant women don’t lose their balance and topple over? Scientists think they’ve found the answer: There are slight differences between women and men…

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