Need a good laugh today? (Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant)

Study: Evolutionary Change Lets Pregnant Women Stand Upright

WASHINGTON — With all that growing weight up front, how is it that pregnant women don’t lose their balance and topple over?

Scientists think they’ve found the answer: There are slight differences between women and men in one lower-back vertebra and a joint in the hip, which allow women to adjust their center of gravity.

This elegant evolutionary engineering is seen only in female humans and our immediate ancestors who walked on two feet, but not in chimps and apes…

But what about men with stomachs the size of babies or bigger? What keeps them from toppling over?

Their back muscles are used to compensate, but that probably means more back pain, theorized Shapiro, who added: “It would be a fun study to do to look at men with beer bellies to see if they shift their loads.”

I cannot believe money is being spent on studies like this one. Want to know what I think? Good, ’cause I’m about to tell you.

  1. We human females can walk upright while we’re pregnant because humans walk upright.
  2. And fat, human males can walk upright because humans walk upright.
  3. And fat, human females can walk upright because humans walk upright.
  4. Mr. Shapiro has not seen very many fat, beer-bellied men.
  5. A study of whether or not beer-bellied men shift their loads would not be interesting.
  6. I’ve seen them. They shift. And they sit a lot.
  7. I take checks or cash. That will be $1,000 USD, Fancy University Research People.
  8. If there is a special difference in a woman’s vertebrae and hip joint, then praise God.
  9. Evolution didn’t plan that. How dare you praise evolution!
  10. The differences between men and women are wonderful.
  11. Pregnancy and birth and new life are wonderfully sacred events, created and ordained by a wonderful God.
  12. Scientists may lay claim to many facts, they may hold all sorts of knowledge regarding pregnancy; however, they have only scratched the surface of the wonder and the mystery and the secrets of pregnancy and life and death.
  13. And they’ll never understand the wonder of it all as long as they seek to credit evolution.

7 Comments on “Need a good laugh today? (Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant)

  1. Great post Leslie, you summed up beautifully many of the thoughts that were going through my head whilst reading the post…it is hard to believe they do surveys or research like that, never mind PUBLISH it! 🙂 Happy Christmas.


  2. And what when we wear heavy back packs? Why don’t we just fall right over?Humans walk upright. We know how to balance ourselves.


  3. And we humans walk upright because we were CREATED to do so, it didn’t develop over millions of years! Great post, Leslie. The aggressive pushing of evolution is something we are trying so hard to combat in teaching our children.


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