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This is from Spunky Homeschool. I have put in bold the parts that show that, once again, Huckabee is not listening to himself. I would encourage all homeschoolers to rethink their support for Gov. Huckabee.

Huck speaks on homeschooling in NH

Huckabee spoke at a gathering in New Hampshire on homeschooling and said there ought to be tax credits and “assistance” to parents who homeschool.

This is a curious position given that Huckabee is on record in Arkansas as opposing school vouchers to private faith schools because of the control it gives the state.

“Governor Mike Huckabee, on a recent radio program in Arkansas, said he does not support the idea of a school voucher system that would allow parents to use state-funded vouchers to pay tuition at private, faith-based schools. “If the state were to give you a voucher, then in essence the state would be funding a faith school and would have some control over that faith school,” the governor told a caller from Conway. “That’s problematic for me as a person of faith.”

Huckabee clearly and rightly understands that with the money comes control that’s why he opposed vouchers for private or faith schools. I have to wonder if Farris was in the crowd if he was squirming just a little when Huckabee talked about offering “tax-credits “and “assistance” to homeschoolers without qualifying it. Just what sort of “assistance does Huckabee want to provide? Huckabee doesn’t say. This is the sort of thing that HSLDA typically opposes unless it comes without increased regulation. Huckabee didn’t offer any qualifiers that this would be without increased regulation. That’s how “verical” politics works, you take a little from the left and right. Huckabee calls it “vertical, I call it compromise. And given Huckabee’s Arkansas record which added regulation to homeschoolers, I doubt I he would stand up against the Democrats in Congress who would likely want to increase regulation in return for any tax credit or assistance. With this video I think we’re watching the beginning of the federal intrustion into homeschooling if Huckabee gets elected.

Huckabee’s promise of tax credits is also curious because when he’s elected tax credits won’t be necessary anyway because he’s going to wave his magic wand and eliminate the IRS! Or maybe he knows that this won’t actually happen and he’s got a great campaign gimmick with no substance.

HT: No Left Turns

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Spunky. I’m so glad you’ve re-entered the blogging arena, even if it is just for a time. Read Spunky’s four part discussion of Huckabee’s policies, Part 1 here.

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  1. I still like him and don’t see the big problem here. I guess I am not choosing someone for president on the homeschooling issue…unless of course they wanted to outlaw it.At this point, he seems to be the best choice. But, there may be a lot I don’t know…I will keep researching.


  2. I have an article on my comments from my Huckabee post that you might want to read….it seems I may need to rethink somethings….thanks for the heads up! We are still researching this….


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