Day: January 14, 2008


I’m just popping in to find out if you Austen fans remembered to tune in to PBS last night for the first installment of The Complete Jane Austen. Did you enjoy this new adaptation of Persuasion? Though I have not finished the book, I… Continue Reading “Persuasion”

I made an assertion in a previous post…

that needs to be backed up with some kind of proof. Lisa P. wants to know if I can verify this statement: Did you know that some democrats voted for Huckabee in the republican primaries because they believe he could be easily beaten in… Continue Reading “I made an assertion in a previous post…”

Are You A Strong-Willed Woman?

In Redefining the Strong-Willed Woman, Cynthia Tobias asks readers to participate in a quick inventory in order to determine just how much of a strong will they have. She calls it the Strong-Willed Woman (SWW) Quotient. I wanted to include it in a post,… Continue Reading “Are You A Strong-Willed Woman?”

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