Evil Tinkering

Three-Parent Embryo Formed in Lab

Though they say it will cure terrible diseases, these experiments are evil.

They experimented on 10 severely abnormal embryos left over from traditional fertility treatment.

The embryos then began to develop normally, but were destroyed within six days.

Can you hear their justifications? “They were abnormal anyway. They would not have lived a full life. It’s alright because we destroyed them six days later.”

This world’s hatred for the imperfect, the small, and the elderly ought to cause widespread outrage. We sit idly by while millions of people are destroyed in the name of science, or worse, convenience.

Is there a fundamental difference between what these scientists are doing with people (yes, people!) and what the Nazis did with the Jews? I don’t think so.

Life begins at conception. Though we can’t see it yet, the complicated mass of multiplying cells has a face.

How would you like to be the guinea pig? How would you feel if these were your children they were playing with?

Francis Schaeffer was right about where Roe v. Wade would take us. He indicated that Roe v. Wade was just the tip of the iceburg. He said that if we take “freedom of choice” and follow it to its logical conclusion, we will see our culture devolve to one of death. We can expect to see greater acceptance of “death with dignity” and cases like those of Terri Schaivo.

This is where we find ourselves. And I’m afraid, if we are not already there, we are speeding toward a point of no return.

Stories like this disturb me. I have no idea how to combat these kinds of activities in labs around the world, though. Do you? As an American, I can vote for men and women who value life in its earliest and latest stages, but that is only indirect involvement. As a child of God, I must pray for the gospel to spread. Fear of God, new hearts, and renewed minds are the ultimate remedies for this world.

While I am profoundly thankful for His patience and grace, knowing how sin abounds in this world (not to mention my own heart) causes me to look forward to His imminent return. We desperately need His rule over this earth.

6 Comments on “Evil Tinkering

  1. I hear you loud and clear. I wrote out a long post but I should just stop typing. feel so strongly about this one…I get myself in trouble :o)Did you read the article at Mohler’s blog about “A Worldview clasj in view”. I loved it.


  2. Agree 100%. It’s heartbreaking and outrageous…and yes, evil.


  3. Did you see the latest special on the McCaughey septuplets? (I don’t think I spelled their name correctly) I only caught the end of the special which aired a couple of months ago. Anyway, two of the children have severe disabilities, one girl may never walk. Ann Curry asked the mom that knowing what a difficult life they will have if she second guesses her decision to not have “selective reduction.” Her answer was so moving, with tears in her eyes she said, “no one loves life as much as those two and my life is the better for knowing them. How could I not allow them to live?” She and her husband both are strong believers, or at least appeared to be, throughout the show giving glory and honor to Jesus (and who knows what footage was cut).Sorry for the long comment; but their steadfast faith made an impression on me.


  4. this makes me sick.btw, I’m praying about volunteering with a Christian pregnancy resource center in my area. It won’t change science and things like this, but it’s a small thing I could do for young women in need and babies who are every bit as alive as Eliana!


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