New Vocabulary Words

discursive: digressive; rambling; also, marked by analytical reasoning.

Pretty good description of this blog.

I apologize to the readers of my blog for enduring those posts that I wrote and published without much thought behind them. I realize, though, that if I wait until I have time to think about everything, then I’ll never write.

Oddly enough, this is also what it’s like to have a conversation with me. I am so sorry if you’ve had to endure one of my discursive monologues as I tried to make my way to some point far in the distance. I know I’m trying to say something important (I just know it!)…just give me a minute or two to get there.

The more I talk/write the more I realize how unfledged (immature) I am. Thanks for listening long enough for me to figure that out.

I’ll stop now.

3 Comments on “New Vocabulary Words

  1. I relate so well to this! I enjoy so much your posting and appreciate your input on my blog. I have experienced so much growth through blogging.I greatly enjoy your discursive blog:)


  2. I blog much the same way, where the words kind of burst out onto the key board and then I hit publish and then later realize their digressive and rambling nature. Like once I realized several days later that I had used “indeed” TWICE in one sentence!I like your dicursiveness. Keep on discursing.


  3. This post made me chuckle. Discursiveness can be very interesting.I definitely relate to this too! Personally, I could probably take some lessons on discursiveness from you – I think about how my posts will be perceived a lot and it often keeps me from being open about my honest opinions. And when I do have something I want to write about, I need to be less perfectionist and just blog. =)


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