Day: July 25, 2008

TEW: The Wife’s Anger

Chapter 18 of The Excellent Wife deals with anger: What is anger? How does the Bible describe anger? Is it ever right to be angry at your husband? What should I do with my anger? I will be the first to admit that I… Continue Reading “TEW: The Wife’s Anger”

Reading Classics Together

Tim’s latest book choice for RCT is Jonathan Edwards’, The Religious Affections. I’m reading it (again) along with him and several others. This past week I read (and listened to) Part I. I think I’m comprehending it better this time around, though I’m still… Continue Reading “Reading Classics Together”

Resources for Changing Lives

These resources look worth the investment. Angry Children: Understanding and Helping Your Child Regain Control Divorce Recovery: Growing and Healing God’s Way How to Love Difficult People: Receiving and Sharing God’s Mercy When Bad Things Happen: Thoughtful Answers to Hard Questions Freedom from Guilt:… Continue Reading “Resources for Changing Lives”

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