More of our curriculum up for grabs

I’ve used An Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading by Jesse Wise for a few years. This is my final year to teach reading and I’m using something different. Not because I don’t like this method, but because we were GIVEN a complete Hooked on Phonics program, and my kids are loving it.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in these resources, please check out my eBay listing. This sale includes the textbook by Jesse Wise, the flashcards from Peace Hill Press that accompany the program, and two white magnetic boards with magnetic letter tiles.

2 Comments on “More of our curriculum up for grabs

  1. Leslie! Hello long lost friend! How are you? I just had to comment on this post. Last year for our preschool studies my oldest son & I used this book for our reading prep. I think the short vowel sound song is forever embeded in our memories… Anyway- we ended up changing over to Phonics pathways after a friend recommended it for this year. Well, oldest isn't really adapting too well and I started the lookout for something more 'hands-on'. We found the complete Hooked on phonics program at the thrift store for $5.00! Can you believe that? Awesome. So, we are excited to start on that this week. I love it that your kids are doing well on that program! Gives me good encouragement. Alrighty- I've rambled long enough. Hope to chat with you soon!Blessings in Him,Angelena


  2. i LOVE this program. sadly, i didn’t discover until i was teaching reading with my last one… hope you enjoy the new program you found!


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