Day: October 16, 2008

Just thought you’d like to know…

My new Bible arrived yesterday. After I confessed that I forgot which one I ordered, I started hoping (though each one is beautiful) for the burgundy one. I was so excited to unbox it and find that I got the one I really wanted!… Continue Reading “Just thought you’d like to know…”

Saving Faith

Future Grace: Chapter 16 Piper begins by explaining that not all “belief” is created equal. John’s Gospel tells us that “many believed in His name” (2:23) because of the signs Jesus performed. John indicates that their belief was deficient in that it was based… Continue Reading “Saving Faith”

They’re like Gungan Energy Balls

Karl is away this week to a fancy technology conference in Orlando. He went to learn more about how to be the best IT manager he can be. But really, he went to see all of his geekiest dreams realized. He told me about… Continue Reading “They’re like Gungan Energy Balls”

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