Day: October 31, 2008

Winner of this month’s drawing….

for Practical Theology for Women? Helen at A Work of Heart. Congratulations, Helen! Ads

Taxes and Compassion

I read yesterday that Exxon Mobil reported a record profit in the third quarter, $14.83 billion. Wow! But did you read that they paid a record tax on that profit? $32,510,000.00. Again, Wow! ________________ Obama says that he is not going to raise taxes.… Continue Reading “Taxes and Compassion”

Our economy is not in a depression

I watched Obama’s infomercial the other night. Now, THAT was depressing! We all have to make choices and determine our priorities. We are not experiencing another great depression. I’m not saying that we won’t. I’m just saying that we aren’t today. Need some perspective?… Continue Reading “Our economy is not in a depression”

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