Day: June 8, 2009

For Your Convenience

You can now subscribe to Lux Venit via email. Just look to the left there and enter your email address. As an email subscriber, all new posts will be delivered to your inbox. If you prefer a feedreader, such as GoogleReader, BlogLines, NetVibes, Yahoo!,… Continue Reading “For Your Convenience”

Beware the Worldly Wiseman

After Christian set out on his journey to be rid of his burden at the little wicket-gate, he met a man who desired to help him be rid of his burden speedily and without all the dangers that lie ahead on the narrow path.… Continue Reading “Beware the Worldly Wiseman”

Remember when…

Christian blogs were a-buzz regarding the rightness or wrongness of a Christian casting his vote for a Mormon for president? Oh, to have such concerns today… Ads

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