Month: January 2010

My husband has figured out LOST

I had been asleep for about half an hour when I heard, “Hey, are you awake?”

“I’m not now,” I slurred. I’m a light sleeper; motherhood will do that to you.

“I’ve figured out LOST.” He was just too eager to wait til morning to share his epiphany.

Rescued after six days

At the time of the earthquake, she was working in the bank.  Her husband had no way of knowing if she lived through the quake. Regardless, he waited with hope outside the bank.  Each time the backhoes pulled away more rubble, he ran into… Continue Reading “Rescued after six days”

No room for feelin’ led

When it comes to helpin people that ain’t got much, God didn’t leave no room for feelin led.

Book Review: Choosing Gratitude

Choosing gratitude has not always been an easy choice for DeMoss; she shares her struggle with obedience in this area, how she sought accountability, and the things she does to help her maintain an attitude of gratitude to God in all circumstances. I loved reading how God worked in her life and how, when it came right down to it, He gave her the grace not to allow anything to get in the way of her fellowship with Him. Spending time with a woman with that kind of spiritual fortitude is always inspiring to me. I highly recommend this book for its insight and spiritual challenge.


Using the random integer generator, the winner is Elle, blogger of A Complete Thought.

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