a post describing superficialities that made me happy this week

The news coming out of Haiti just keeps getting worse. Sure, there have been a couple of bright spots — a few miraculous rescues. Those make me very happy, but then the next story or photograph is devastating. Since the earthquake, I’ve tried to educate myself a little. Did you know that BEFORE the earthquake there were 1.2 million orphans. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. It hurts. I want to give more, but that will cause me some marriage problems. I’ve noticed lots of online auctions and give-aways with the proceeds going to Haiti relief. I don’t think I could do anything like that online and get enough of a response, so I’m going to have a yard sale. It may not generate more than a few hundred dollars, but it’s better than nothing. I was planning to have a yard sale to fund a trip to Chattanooga for the True Woman Conference, but that just seems silly now. If you’re local, and would like to help me and donate all the money to Compassion, email me.

In spite of all the frustration I am feeling due to the news coming out of Haiti, I’m going to post something rather light today…things that made me happy this week

Home School

This week we got back into the swing of school.  I had planned to start back last Monday, but our holidays were extended because of our big SNOW and winning a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.   All things considered, the first week of 2010 was awesome.

Friday marked our first day back to our home school co-op.  My children are so excited about the classes they’ll be taking: totally gross science, the human body, romance languages, geography games, bugology, sign language, fables, art, animal life, literature, manners, and Eldest.

Hannah and Benjamin took the Eragon class last time, so it seemed logical to me that they would want to be in the Eldest class.  I decided I would read Eldest with them, but I’m finding it difficult to get into because I didn’t read Eragon.  It seems to be about a dragon, and I’ve never really gotten into stories about dragons.

I am teaching a class this semester: creative writing.  I figured as I prepare lessons for this class that my own writing will improve.  At least that’s my hope.

I am patterning it after the creative writing class I took my senior year of high school.  We’ll be doing writing of all kinds, including various forms of poetry, and will publish a small magazine at the end of the semester.  Turns out that the kids in my class are also artistic, so our magazine will include their original artwork.  They are excited about it, which makes me very happy.

After co-op, some of the moms and kids go to the “after co-op spot.”  The spot is different every Friday.  Yesterday, Barnes & Noble served as our spot.  Chatting with other home schooling mommas while the kids looked at books made me happy.


Y’all, Bama won the National Championship game!  This makes me very happy.


I made a delicious pot of coffee this morning.  It has to be one of the best cups of cheap coffee ever. Coffee makes me happy.

It’s my father-in-law’s birthday today.  We will be hanging out with family to celebrate his life.  Spending time with family makes me happy.


I’ve adopted a ticketing system because I needed something simple to help me with disciplining the children.  So far it is working.  Each day, the kids receive 5 tickets.  If they disobey, I take away a ticket.  If they grumble about chores, I take away a ticket.  If they grumble about school, I take away a ticket.  If they do really well at something hard, I give an extra ticket.  This keeps me from yelling at them, it appears fair to them, and give fewer spankings.  At the end of the month, we will tally up the tickets and each child will be rewarded depending on the number of tickets each child has earned.  I have decided on the levels and the rewards.  I’m like the teenager behind the prize counter at Chuck E. Cheese.  This system is making me happy.


I had hoped to take one photo per day, but I couldn’t find my camera the entire first week of 2010.  But I was cleaning in the kitchen and found it stuffed in the bottom of a gift bag.  Finding my camera made me happy.

Since I wrote down one memorable thing from each day, I am considering recreating the scenes / moments so that I can take a picture of it, thereby giving me a picture from every day of 2010.  But I think I’ll just let that go.  Letting go of my type-A tendencies makes me happy.  I’ll just have a photo-a-day for Jan.16 to Dec. 31, 2010.

5 Comments on “a post describing superficialities that made me happy this week

  1. I love your lighthearted posts 🙂 It is just about all my poor brain can handle right now.

    I wish we could take your creative writing class … I love the magazine idea! Your co-op has some really cool classes 🙂

    And the ticket system!!!! Awesome 😉 I need to change my system every now and then … and even with older ones it helps to break the routine and have incentives. Now, can you share your ideas for rewards?

    Blessings Leslie!


    • Our co-op does have some really cool classes! Those are just the ones my kids are taking. I’ll email you about the ticket thing. Thank you for commenting, Kim!


  2. Reading your blog makes me happy!
    Having you for a daughter makes me happy!
    All my children and grandchildren make me happy!
    My sweet husband makes me happy!


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