Day: January 18, 2010

An update from Compassion International

Days before the earthquake in Haiti, I finalized my requirements to become a Child Advocate for Compassion. This email from my Area Coordinator came today: Advocates and Pastors in the Gulf Coast Region, Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and advocacy for the… Continue Reading “An update from Compassion International”

Why Haiti?

Jay Younts asks, “Why Haiti?” But the more probing question is, “Why not here?” To any trained observer, it should have been easy to see that Haiti was ripe for destruction. Poor building codes and construction, overcrowding, and corrupt leadership in a geographic region… Continue Reading “Why Haiti?”

To help fuel our prayers for Haiti

In addition to the regular news outlets, here are a few blogs I am using to fuel my prayers for Haiti: Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center — it’s an orphanage in Haiti Redeem Haiti Shaun Groves’ blog The LiveSay Haiti Blog Haiti Happenings… Continue Reading “To help fuel our prayers for Haiti”

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