Thanksgiving Day 4

I love living in a university town.  Whether it’s sports, exhibits, plays, or concerts, something is always happening.  I try to take advantage of those opportunities as much as I can.

After church last night, the kids and I headed over the river to enjoy a free performance by the Alabama Jazz Band.  They were about ten members strong and brought an hour and a half of classic jazz.  We loved it!

One of my favorite aspects of the evening was sitting beside Abbey.  She was really into it.  At one point she whispered in my ear, “It’s hard not to get carried away.”  She noticed everything from all the racing fingers to when one of the saxophonists’ faces turned red from blowing so long.  The foot tapping and head bobbing from the other children told me how they felt about it.

Jazz is special in that the players encourage one another through body language and facial expression, they take turns and genuinely get into what another player is doing, and there isn’t one star of the show; each instrument is vital to the ensemble in its own way.  (There’s a spiritual lesson in there somewhere).

Today I am giving thanks for the gift of music.  We don’t always enjoy the same movies, games, or books, but, regardless of age, we can all appreciate good music.  I’m thankful for those musicians God has gifted with the ability and creativity to compose, arrange, and play music for us to enjoy.

7 Comments on “Thanksgiving Day 4

  1. Can’t believe I missed this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE jazz bands. I’ll have to pay more attention to our local events and hop on those opportunities. UA has a lot of free concerts and we’ve missed so many of them.


  2. Jazz is usually not my favorite music, but i like Dixieland and we loved litening to it performed live when we visited New Orleans or when a good band plays downtown. I treally is an experience that is much better live.


  3. That sounds like a simply wonderful time! The hubby plays jazz tenor sax and son-in-law plays jazz drums. Our garage is a converted music/art studio and for awhile we had an elderly friend who was a world class jazz sax player come and jam every week. What a blast that was! He’s since passed on though.

    Thanks for the smile! Praise God for music!!


  4. I am so thankful for music, too. It really speaks to me in ways that other things do not. I’m glad you love living in Tuscaloosa. My daughter loves living in Auburn. 🙂 It should be an interesting Iron Bowl this year, if you’re into football.


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