Thanksgiving Catch-Up (Days 5-8)

The weekend was a whirlwind!  And, unfortunately, this post will be short because I have just a few moments to write something before I take the children to piano lessons.

Let’s back up to Friday, shall we?

Thanksgiving Day 5 — Lots to be thankful for on this day: I am thankful for Karl’s parents, as they are always ready and available to spend time with their grandchildren whenever we ask them.  🙂  I am thankful that Karl and I were able to attend Secret Church with a handful of our church family members.  It was such a fun evening together in God’s word, and I remember feeling so full and thankful that we could be there together.  I am thankful for coffee.  I am thankful for David Platt’s ministry and his passion for God’s word.  I am thankful for Hamid and his prayers over us.  Hamid is our Christian brother from Iran; he came to Secret Church to tell us what God is doing in Afghanistan (he’s an Iranian missionary to Afghanistan).  Even though his work is extremely dangerous, he was filled with joy as he told us of God’s grace in his life and ministry.  I became emotional as I listened to him pray over us; it was the first time for me to hear an Iranian pray.

Thanksgiving Day 6 — I spent the whole day with my boys.  I can’t remember the last time we did something without their sisters.  I’m so thankful for my little men.  I’m thankful for our family dinner time at the table Saturday evening.  We were able to talk about a few really important things and pray together.

Thanksgiving Day 7 — The most important thing we did this day was attend the celebratory memorial service for Christian Schmidt.  At the end of the day, Karl and I talked to the kids about what we saw and heard; we wanted to know what they “took” from the testimony of Christian’s life.  They agreed, “The gospel was most important to him.”  Oh, how I pray that the gospel will be of first importance to us!

Thanksgiving Day 8 — Yesterday.  I am thankful for home.  I am thankful that home is where God wants me.

2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Catch-Up (Days 5-8)

  1. Love this: “I am thankful that home is where God wants me. ”

    Deep sigh… I am grateful for that too!


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