Thanks Giving Day 18

Today I am giving thanks to God for His infinite wisdom shown in the weather and seasons.  It’s been a very wet and chilly week in Alabama.  The temperature is finally low enough to require a jacket when we go out; it’s 52°F now.  Just yesterday I decided to switch the heat pump from ‘cool’ to ‘heat.’  When I walked out this morning, I noticed the comforting scent of logs burning in a neighbor’s fireplace.  Leaves have turned deep red and bright yellow.  Many have already fallen.  Heavy with moisture, they kiss the ground with an audible smack.  Others alight on objects and stay, as though God were putting stickers on everything.  This is a beautiful time of year.

One Comment on “Thanks Giving Day 18

  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year…so beautiful. We’ve had our heat on for a little while, but the last few days it’s turned warm again. I’m ready for the temps to fall & stay there. God must be wanting to teach me patience!


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