Most Viewed Posts of 2010

10. The Substitute (Teacher?) in which I discuss an episode of Lost

9. The simplest answer is usually the best one in which I discuss an episode of LOST

8. “It Worked” in which I discuss yea another episode of LOST

7. Book Review: The Book Tree in which I share the ideas behind a book about books

6. Using 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (Part 1 and Part 2) in which I ask and answer a question about the aforementioned passage

5. Why My Daughter and I Can’t be Girl Scouts in which I provide links to articles regarding the Girl Scouts that made me decide to remove myself from leadership and my daughters from participation

4. My husband has figured out LOST in which I share Karl’s theory behind the show…turns out we were all wr-wr-wrong

3. Music for Saturday: Dancing in the Minefields in which I share the music video and lyrics to one of this year’s best songs

2. Penultimate LOST in which I discuss an episode of LOST

1. My initial thoughts after reading Radical in which I share my initial thoughts about Radical. I don’t really interact with the contents of the book in this post.

I’m kind of embarrassed that so many visitors came here to read about a t.v. show. Still, the show interested me greatly from February to May.

A menagerie indeed.

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