Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

1. Seasons. After several weeks of freezing temperatures and SNOW! that actually remained on the ground for more than a few hours, we are thoroughly enjoying this week’s highs in the 70’s. This is a photograph of our street last Thursday morning:

This is a picture of our street today:

What a difference a week makes! (And, yes, garbage pick-up is on Thursdays.) Praise God, spring is on its way!!

2. Crockpots. I love, love, LOVE preparing dinner in the morning, forgetting about it all day, then eating it in the evening. I’m trying out a new-to-me recipe for Chicken Pot Roast. I’ve never attempted a roast dinner with chicken instead of beef. I hope it’s tasty!

3. Love. We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday. I prepared a special dinner in an attempt to convey my affection for my little family. I spent time selecting their valentine cards, foreseeing laughter or a smile that says, “Awwww, my parents love me.” As usual, my plan did not turn out exactly the way I had hoped it would. Abbey joined me in cutting out pink and white hearts to use as confetti. Hannah came on-board, quickly putting together something to add her own touch to the table: little place cards and valentines for Karl, me, and her sibs. The boys, however, could not have cared less about our red and pink hearts or candles. They only wanted to eat. “Why did you do all this?” they asked. “For the glory of LOVE! I did it all for love,” I answered, figuring a lyric from Peter Cetera might help get everyone into the valentine mood. It didn’t. Not even Karl was impressed; he came to the table with a book under his nose (this is normal, so I wasn’t really offended, even though I had fun pouting about it for a moment). Dinner was OK; the kids appreciated their cards; it was over in a flash; and, finally, I ate these:

4. Kids who make it to the bathroom before they vomit. My children are amazing when it comes to being sick. They just go to the bathroom, puke (business-like!), and they’re done. They don’t fight it. No writhing on the bathroom floor in agony. No kicking or screaming. No crying or shouting, “I’M GOING TO DIE!!!!” They are champions. Last night, after Noah had been asleep for a few hours, his stomach waked him around 1:30 a.m. He climbed down from his bunk bed and made it to the bathroom, only spitting up a very little bit on the floor. I checked him for a fever, helped him clean himself up a bit, then he wanted to go right back to bed. I am in complete awe of my offspring. Every single time I’ve been sick to the point of vomiting (even into my adulthood) I have freaked out about it. I hate it more than anything. I’m enjoying an 8 year vomit-free streak right now. Though writing about it is making me feel a bit queasy.

Happy Thursday! 🙂

3 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I love April/May days in the middle of February! One more thing to love about living in the South…



  2. I was just complaining this morning that we’re supposed to see 70+ temps tomorrow. Not in FEBRUARY! I’m not ready for spring, which just leads to the oppressive summer. I’m such a Fall/Winter gal!

    Sorry no one was impressed with your Valentine’s meal. My hubby was at school working on a project all evening, so we’re celebrating when he’s on spring break.


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