Day: October 17, 2011

In which I share quotes regarding fear

“People often ask if I think my life is dangerous, if I am afraid. I am much more afraid of remaining comfortable. Matthew 10:28 tells us not to fear things that can destroy the body but things that can destroy the soul. I am… Continue Reading “In which I share quotes regarding fear”

Winners of Lilla Rose Giveaway

Well, this has been a fun week. I enjoy the process of hosting a giveaway; it’s a nice diversion. Let’s do this again soon. The winners of the clip giveaway are: STACI and LISA   The winners of Joeann’s Lilla Rose gift certificates are:… Continue Reading “Winners of Lilla Rose Giveaway”

Learning from Katie Davis

Tonight, my friend April and I made a short road-trip to listen to Katie Davis tell her story. Katie Davis is extraordinary. But what I didn’t expect was that the evening wouldn’t be about Katie Davis at all. I knew my expectations were askew… Continue Reading “Learning from Katie Davis”

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