Scattered Thoughts

The Mission Community (MC) held its first official meeting Sunday night. It was a time for our core group to begin to know one another and to review our goals and purpose. K.J., our guide on this journey, gave us a little homework assignment. I need to consider and answer two questions this week:

1. How will I rearrange my life so as to reach my neighbors for Christ?
2. What is already being done to reach internationals that we can join?
I know about a couple of things going on that will answer #2, but I don’t have a satisfactory answer for #1.
After seeing pictures of the Sipsey wilderness, I decided to go on the backpacking trip; it’s just too beautiful to pass up. But I’m scared. Commence Operation: Whip It into Shape.
I’m working through Beth Moore’s newest Bible study, James: Mercy Triumphs. It’s been years since I’ve participated in one of her studies, but I just hated pass up an opportunity to get into James again. Plus, I had heard that this one would be a little different. So far, so good. How could it not be? It’s James!
Roll Tide

I’m pretty excited about Texas A&M joining the SEC. Based on my observations of Aggie fans, they’ll fit right in.

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We’ve decked our halls, put away the storage boxes, began Advent candles/readings on the correct night…I think I’m going to enjoy the holidays!

2 Comments on “Scattered Thoughts

  1. What is the Mission Community? A church plant? Sounds exciting!

    I too like James. Are you doing the videos or just workbook?

    I’m trying to at least begin decking the halls today. Blown lights on my pre lit tree are seriously cramping my mojo.


    • Yes, it’s a church plant! Our church is setting out to become a church-planting church, and we’re going to be part of the first group that goes out. We are excited.

      Re: bible study I am downloading the video sessions each week from Lifeway. They are only $5, which doesn’t seem like a lot of money when you spread it out over 8 weeks.


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