Changing the way I think about church

Our pastor has our mission community listening, reading, and watching an assortment of resources to direct our thinking and foster discussions.

If you have about 15 minutes, this is a video of Jeff Vanderstelt talking about network structures at the Verge Missional Community Conference in 2010. “Network structures” sounds business-y to me, but, in this clip, he’s describing church structure in the first century, and, Lord willing, our church. (video embedded below)

If you don’t have 15 minutes, these are the parts that hit me between the eyes:  “In a lot of ways, the structures that we build to run and sustain and organize churches…serve almost like containers to hold people in. It’s almost as if we’re extracting people from the world instead of equipping them and sending them into the world.”

“Equipping isn’t a new knowledge. Equipping is the ability to obey everything Jesus commands us. And so, we realize that the best place for equipping is in life.”

“You don’t go plant a church. A church emerges out of the planting of the gospel.”

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