I’m-Not-Crafty Confessions

I’ve never been very much of a crafty woman. At least not in the paper, glue, and decorating sense of the word. But, ever since I joined Pinterest, I’ve been eager to spread my creative wings a little further to try some of the oh-so-cute things I’ve pinned. So, over the Christmas holidays, I attempted a couple of projects.

I share these craft-making experiences NOT from the perspective of one who CREATED something and WOW-LOOK-WHAT-I-DID and YOU-HAVE-TO-SHARE/TRY-THIS, but as one who breaks out in a sweat at the thought of making something with items found in the crafts store. I didn’t even know what Mod Podge was until I bought my first bottle a few weeks ago. I share only in an effort to help you avoid my mistakes.

First, I tried the puzzle ornaments.


Mine didn’t turn out like the one in the picture. My first mistake was in not printing the picture and directions. The second mistake was using too-small puzzle pieces. It was all downhill after that.

Karl, sitting across the table from me, noticed my pained expression. “What’s wrong? You don’t look like you’re having fun.”

“I’m stressed out!” I whined. “I thought this would be simple. Puzzle, glue, star shape…how hard can it be?”

Oh, mine was a sad, saggy puzzle ornament that is now decomposing in the nearest landfill. If I try making these again, then I’ll make sure to use a larger puzzle and fewer pieces per ornament. You know, like the one in the picture.

I made a few of these candles to give as gifts:


As usual, I went to the store without a list. I knew I needed Mod Podge, candles, and salt. Thanks to the puzzle ornament debacle, I had plenty of Mod Podge. But I couldn’t remember what kind of salt to use. I recalled the picture, and knew that the salt looked coarse. So, I went to the spice aisle and picked the coarsest looking salt I could find. I wavered somewhere between fine and rock. I settled on a large box of coarse Kosher sea salt instead of the (now that I can see the directions again) prescribed Epsom salt. Go ahead and laugh, but the women who burn my candles in the kitchen can also use them as salt shakers. Mod Podge is non-toxic, though I doubt it’s Kosher.

I made one of these trays for a party. Super-cute and easy!! So easy, in fact, that I didn’t mess it up.

7 Comments on “I’m-Not-Crafty Confessions

  1. I’m not crafty, either, so I share your pain. What exactly is the tray?


    • The picture is green Starlight Mints. I used red ones for mine. Bake the mints (on parchment paper) at 350 for about 8 minutes. Cool for 5. Done.


    • Oh, that’s not a picture of the tray I made. I used the red and white mints to make one. Plus, mine wasn’t quite as symmetrical as the one in the picture.


  2. I’m still discovering Pintrest, but so far I have found some really cute crochet/knit things I’d like to make. Don’t worry: We can’t all be Martha Stewarts.


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