Month: May 2012

Bird Watching

Untitled, a photo by L. Wiggins on Flickr. A few years ago, Karl attended a class about hummingbirds. He learned about their habits and how to attract them. For example, he learned that once a hummingbird decides your feeder is a good, safe place… Continue Reading “Bird Watching”

A Tea Party

Last year, a tornado – “the” tornado – destroyed Alberta Baptist Church’s building. Open Door Baptist (my church) has been sharing a building with them ever since. While we have not combined our church families, we have been doing more and more together as… Continue Reading “A Tea Party”

May is finally here!

May is my favorite. Not only is the weather perfectly pleasant in May, but this month includes lots of birthdays, anniversary days, special days, and end-of-school days. It is with a full family calendar in mind that I announce a break from regular blogging… Continue Reading “May is finally here!”

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