Back-to-School Shopping 2014

It’s tax-free weekend in Alabama, and we’re going to try to take advantage. The big kids could use some new threads for the school year.

Before we ever left the house, the two younger kids were whining about having to go. I can’t blame them; they come by it honest because their mother has set a terrible example for them. I loathe the shopping experience. I can walk for miles through the woods before my feet start to feel sore. Put me in a mall or, God-forbid, a Wal-Mart, and all of my body parts will revolt. I am happy to report that my younger two and I made it back home without injury.

But this child
back to school shopping
is having a good day at the mall.

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed reading the new t-shirts at the mall this season. We didn’t come home with any of these. With the exception of the paper-rock-scissors shirt, they’re just rude, in my opinion.

Instead, we came home with shirts featuring their favorite superheroes and villains, mostly Star Wars and Dr. Who themes. We got some great deals from the sales and clearance racks, too.

I couldn’t convince Benjamin that it’d be awesome if he dressed like Steve from The Outsiders.steverandall

And speaking of all the denim: I have some real concerns about where the denim trend may be going in the near future. The denim jacket is one thing, and I am happy to see it again. But stone-washed tapered bloomer-like pants with an elastic waistband? Y’all. There is neither a time nor a place in which those should be considered fashionable. I should have snapped a pic, but I was being rushed to the next thing. Trust me, they were hideous. My MOM and I wore those pants. With JELLIES! (Leave a comment if you remember jelly shoes!) I’m clinging to the fashion adage that if you’re old enough to remember the trend when it first appeared, then you’re too old to wear it again.

4 Comments on “Back-to-School Shopping 2014

  1. I remember jellies and pleated waist tapered leg jeans. Ack. Here’s hoping polyester leisure suits won’t make a comeback.


  2. Oh my word, I just did a post mentioning jelly shoes a week ago! My hope is that stirrup pants never rear their ugly head again! Gag!


  3. Denim with elastic waistbands!?! Surely not… Also, Hannah looks so pretty. Teenage days at the mall are good memories for me, when all I had to spend money on was clothes and books.


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