First Day of School Pics

I tried to achieve the perfect first-day-of-school photo. I really did. But as my children love to do  whenever I want to create a moment or make a memory “extra special,” they decide it’s the perfect time to be silly. When will I learn?

silly teens 2

I was trying to take individual photos, but the other wouldn’t get out of the way. AND, because it was already 7:15, we didn’t have the luxury of time.

silly teens

So. I demonstrated the pose I wanted. Somehow, my demonstration was hilarious to them (because I am a total spaznerddweeb) and I ended up with this photo.

first day of school

Good enough.


3 Comments on “First Day of School Pics

  1. In a college photography class the instructor told us that out of 30 photos you might take, you get one or two that truly capture the subject(s) in the moment- the last one is THAT one.


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