A Local Adventure

I’ve said it before, but I don’t mind saying it again: Geocaching satisfies my childhood longing to participate in a Midnight Madness/Cannonball Run/Goonies type of adventure. The cool thing about geocaching is that we can find an adventure almost everywhere we go.

When we travel, we query for caches that have garnered the most favorite points. This allows us to visit places that are off-the-beaten path, local gems. Sometimes, we find adventure in our own backyard.

Recently, we found a cache called, “River Horse Roost.” On the way to GZ, based on our etymological knowledge, we discussed what we thought we should be looking for and where we might find it. We walked about .3 of a mile down this trail…

Narrow trail

This butterfly lighted right in front of me, a happy surprise.

We made it to GZ, but we didn’t see the cache anywhere; it was very well-hidden. We searched all around, up and down, along the trail, along the water’s edge. Nothing. After 15 minutes or more, as we were about to surrender to defeat, Karl saw the cache…exactly what we thought it would be.

Noah scrambled about 20 feet up with a pen

and unrolled a sweet discovery — something every geocacher loves to see —
a clean log sheet. We were the first to find (FTF) this cache!

He signed the log and returned the cache to its secure hiding spot.

So, what do you think we found? Leave a comment with your guess.


2 Comments on “A Local Adventure

  1. Congrats on the FTF that is some sweet sweet action as my friend is apt to say. Loved the butterfly picture.


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