Day: October 30, 2014

Hiding a Geocache (10 Considerations)

#1 – WAIT Though an official statement does not exist, it is generally recommended that a cacher find at least 100 caches before he/she attempts to hide a geocache. Spending time finding geocaches gives a cacher the opportunity to see many different ways in… Continue Reading “Hiding a Geocache (10 Considerations)”

Our ASP Diamond Treasure Challenge Adventure

While attending the GeoFest in the Parks event at Chewacla State Park, we learned the details for the Alabama State Park Diamond Treasure Challenge. Hatched in the mind of the uber-cacher simply known as Woodnutt, this challenge requires cachers to find 8 caches hidden… Continue Reading “Our ASP Diamond Treasure Challenge Adventure”

All About WherIGo Caches

WherIGo caches are a relatively new type of geocache. Do not allow the fact that there aren’t many of these caches in existence mislead you into thinking that they aren’t totally awesome. Every WherIGo we have completed has been worth the time. A wherigo… Continue Reading “All About WherIGo Caches”

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