My name is Leslie, and I live in Alabama, USA.

In 2006, I published my first blog post. I wrote about life as a stay-at-home mom of four children. I homeschooled at the time, so online relationships with other mommy bloggers was an important social outlet for me. I published something almost every single day for several years. Then, in the mid-2010s, life shifted, and suddenly I no longer felt as comfortable writing about my family’s daily life, nor entering into political discourse, nor sharing my reviews of books, nor exporting my inner life for anyone and everyone to consume. While others were monetizing their blogs, I decided to allow mine to be dormant.

I have not prioritized writing for this space for several years. I often think about posting more pictures here and writing about my adventures, but I never do it. Instagram satisfies my urge to share. But I keep the site alive because maybe one day…

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Leave a comment and tell me about yourself.

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