Chasing a Sunset

Sunday, July 9, 2017 Do you every have one of those days when you wake up ready to go on an adventure, but instead you end up sitting in an over-sized chair watching new episodes of Planet Earth all day? David Attenborough telling stories of the plants and animals inhabiting our planet never get old […]

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Not a Prepper

A friendly note to readers: You may want to skip along if you’re looking to have your thoughts provoked. If you’re in the mood for mundane, journal-type blogging, well, you’ve come to the right url. Welcome to my weekend. Friday consisted of the usual events: school and chores. One major development was that Ben cleaned […]

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Status Update: May

36. That’s the number of times I’ve seen May 7th. Say what you want about Facebook, but it is AWESOME on one’s birthday. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of my “Happy Birthday” messages. Several of the messages were thoughtful and helped make me feel special. As I sit at the school table working […]

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