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Geocaching Misadventures

Every perfect geocaching adventure deserves at least two geocaching misadventures. For us, misadventures include not having a necessary tool, getting wet, getting lost. I would say that we’ve experienced more times when we weren’t quite prepared for the cache than times we were prepared.… Continue Reading “Geocaching Misadventures”

International Earthcache Day

From time-to-time, will announce special events and souvenirs related to the history of geocaching. Today (Sunday, 10/12/14) was one of those days. If you fulfill the requirements, then GC will send an award or a souvenir to commemorate the day. We spent the… Continue Reading “International Earthcache Day”

Geocaching Challenges

When we started geocaching, Karl and I didn’t know anything about the various challenges that cachers have created in order to make the game even more adventurous. Most of these caching challenges are for the cacher who enjoys something a little more difficult than… Continue Reading “Geocaching Challenges”

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