LOST — for the last time

In case you haven’t seen LOST’s finale yet, here’s your *SPOILER WARNING*

…They’re all dead.  Some people died on the island.  Some people died off-island.  Some characters lived a long time after they left the island.  Some probably died soon after leaving the island.

Once a character died, however, he or she went to this middle place (we’ve referred to it as the parallel timeline, the Alternate TimeLine, or 2004 timeline), a spiritual intermediate state is probably the best way to put it, in which they waited for one another.  It was a place of their own collective imaginations; a place with features that mirrored their original lives and that functioned as a spiritual gathering place for our Losties.

When two characters met in this middle place, they remembered their relationship on the island.  This remembering awakened them, so to speak, and then allowed them to “move on” together.  The final image we have is of Jack, sacrificing himself for his friends and for the island, taking his seat at their gathering place, and closing his eyes in death on the island. His consciousness was reunited with his soul.  (?)  And maybe that’s the connection I was looking for with the air date being Pentecost…I don’t know if that’s it, but it could be…their spirits being awakened…or something….

Questions will linger for me, I’m sure.  But most of those questions center on specific characters.  This final episode, however, completed Jack’s story.  It was important for Jack to protect the island by killing Brother and replacing the plug in the heart of the island.  That’s it.  That’s what he had to go back to do.  Once the island was done with him, he died.

As for the rest of the show…

The middle place reunions were emotionally satisfying to me.  I was teary at seeing my favorite couples “know” one another again.  I can’t decide which one was my favorite because they were all so sweet, and I love a music-swelling flashback like nobody’s business.

There was one that I didn’t like: Sayid and Shannon.  Even though they forged a bond on the island, I have always felt like his one true love was Nadia.  But since she was never on the island…well, she didn’t get to be in the finale.

Some mysteries were solved:  Juliet’s saying, “It worked,” always referred to Sawyer’s getting candy from the machine.  Not, as I assumed, to the bomb going off in the hatch.

Those were my favorite parts because events on the island — getting across the island has never been so fast! — were a bit baffling.

My favorite on-island moments: when Jack and Kate FINALLY declared their love for one another; Hurley saying, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”; and Jack’s death.

The story continues…

Kate, Claire, Miles, Sawyer, Lapides, and Richard made it off the island.  I imagine Kate helped Claire get to know Aaron and her not-in-a-coma-anymore mother.  I also imagine she helped Sawyer become a father to Clementine.  Lapides gave up piloting planes and started a submarine explosion survival training school.  Richard aged rapidly and died.  Miles continued life with his trick of talking to the recently dead because it’s lucrative and kind of cool.

Hurley and Ben stayed on the island as Protector #1 and #2, respectively.  With Hurley as Island Protector, I bet island-living was way more fun: more golf and music and joy rides in the Dharma vans.  Ben, the #2, went on to shepherd more “others.”  Only this time, I hope he did a better job of it.

The island wasn’t finished with Desmond, either, though.  I think, based on all of his touching of people in this episode, that he was the one who traveled from island to the real world, touching people in order to bring them to the island.

To Sum Up

I’ll admit that when the show was over I was disappointed.  Really disappointed.  So bummed that the only positive take-away for me was the soundtrack.  I wasn’t sure of the creators’ message with the final scene, I didn’t fully understand “the point” of the island, I was left wondering what was real and what was after-life.  But once I got these two things anchored: the island and all island events were real (not purgatorial) and the ATL was after-life, then I felt like I could start processing the story as a whole.

What I loved about the show from the start was still true about the show in the end.  While on the island, the characters grappled with life’s ultimate questions.  On the island, the objects of those questions took shape.  And there were enough Christian undertones, even in the finale, to satisfy me.  LOST isn’t anywhere near a perfect allegory of biblical faith, but some things were demonstrated well, like living in community, caring for one another, helping one another, sacrificing self for the good of another, the bond of marriage, faith, love, hope, redemption, grace, forgiveness.

I think the creators left it rather open-ended so that fans of any faith could conceivably be happy with the resolution of the show.  I’m not going to become a hater because it didn’t perfectly fit my worldview.  It’s a t.v. show.  I have been thoroughly entertained with six seasons.  Mission accomplished.

For the record, though, in case the show has you wondering, Jesus and eternity in the new heaven and new earth will be infinitely more satisfying!  I encourage you to find a Bible and start reading a book in there called The Gospel of John.

Tonight, television entertainment will die with Jack Bauer.  That’s it for me and television until someone creates something totally awesome again.

Penultimate LOST

Lost-Season 6-poster
Season 6

Jack wakes in his apartment, walks to the bathroom, and notices a nasty cut on his neck. David announces he made breakfast. He has a concert tonight and his mom will be there. Claire walks in and eats a bowl of cereal with her brother and nephew. Phone rings: it’s Oceanic airlines to let him know that they’ve found his missing cargo. Only it wasn’t really Oceanic on the phone, it was Desmond.

Jack is on the beach sewing Kate shoulder. No alcohol to numb the pain for these stitches. Kate is sad over the deaths of Sun and Jin. She gives Jack her angry eyes, “Locke did this. We have to kill him, Jack.” To which he replies, “I know.”

(That’s one movie I won’t be seeing. Puh-leeze.) I bet Desmond is going to work somehow to get all of our Oceanic folks together in 2004 so they can do whatever it is they need to do. I think that cut on Jack’s neck is bigger now than it was when he first noticed it on the airplane. What could that mean?

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hugo are standing on the beach, watching the life preservers wash onto shore.

Desmond is keeping an eye on Locke at the school. Desmond cranks his car like he’s going to run over Locke again. Ben hits the hood of his car and demands to know who Desmond is. So, D gives Ben a little case of deja vu. Desmond says that he’s only trying to help Locke “let go.”

Ben, Miles and Richard are walking to Dharmaville. They are going to get the C4 Ben had hidden behind the bookcase. Miles hears Ben’s daughter because Richard buried her there by the fence. Ben finds the C4 and they take all of it. While they’re packing it up, they hear someone in the house: it’s Zoe and Widmore. FINALLY — we get Ben and Widmore together!

What was Zoe looking for under the kitchen sink? Supposedly, there are rules dictating Ben and Widmore’s relationship that are similar to Jacob and Brother’s relationship. I had predicted that they would start trying to kill one another and that only one of them would walk out of their first scene together. I was wrong about that. I wonder what’s about to go down…

Ben and Widmore have a little discussion about why Widmore is there, how he got there, and blah, blah, blah….not important. Widmore tells Zoe to get their equipment out of the outrigger. She sees Locke in their boat, so Widmore tells Zoe to run as fast as she can back to the house.

Ben is getting checked out by a nurse. Locke wheels in and they talk about what happened. (I think “get Locke to let go” may have to do with letting go of killing Desmond or of his desire to leave the island.)

Desmond turns himself in for the hit-and-run. Sawyer takes him into custody and puts him into a cell with Sayid, a cell right next door to Kate’s.

Sawyer and Jack talk about what happened and Jack explains to Sawyer that Locke is the guilty one, that Sawyer shouldn’t blame himself. Behind those two, Kate and Hugo are walking together. Hugo sees a young Jacob. Kate walks on. Hugo turns around to see the young Jacob who asks for his ashes back. Hugo gives chase and walks up on a grown Jacob sitting next to a fire. Jacob has thrown his ashes into the fire. “When the fire burns out…it’s over.” GET YOUR FRIENDS TOGETHER! That’s a message to the fans….must. have. finale. party.


Panic in Dharmaville. Miles wants to survive. Ben wants to face his death sooner rather than later. Richard says that Smokey only wants him. He walks outside to give himself over. tick-a-tick-a-tick-a OK, Richard is gone. (I wonder if he’s dead. That was rather anti-climactic for such a seemingly important character.)

Smokey walks up and sits next to Ben. (It’s going to be nice when Ben has a deja vu regarding Locke.) Smokey explains that he needs Ben’s help. Ben seems too eager to please.

Alex offers Ben a ride home. Danielle offers Ben dinner. They talk about how Ben has been like a father to Alex. Ben is obviously emotional over it and he appears to have a little deja vu.

Ben totally gives Widmore to Smokey. Whoa — Zoe is very much un-Zoe (“zoe” means life). Widmore sings like a canary after Smokey threatens to kill Penny. But Ben puts an end to that with a few bullets — “He doesn’t get to save his daughter….Did you say there were other people to kill?” (And now Ben is taking orders from Smokey again. I’m convinced that he was talking to Smokey all of those other times he thought he was talking to Jacob.)

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hugo have a little fireside chat with Jacob, whom they can all see. Jacob is promising the answers to all the questions we’ve been wondering!!!! YES YES YES!!!


Jack is working in his office when Locke wheels in. (This better be quick because I want to get back to that campfire!) Locke is putting the recent events together — “Maybe this happened for a reason.” Locke is ready to get out of the chair. (I predict that we reach a climax when Locke is on the operating table and his life is in Jack’s hands. Somehow events on the island and events in LA will parallel one another.)

CAMPFIRE: Hurley asks, “Why did you bring us here?” Jacob starts explaining everything. (I’m going to have to stop typing so I can listen with both ears.)

(OK, so Jacob brought all of those people to the island because of the mistake he made when he threw Brother into the light. And because of that mistake, our Losties and everyone they love is going to die. Jacob chose them because they were all like him…alone…searching for fulfillment. And one of them has to take over protection of the island; one of them has to make sure that Smokey never leaves the island. Jacob doesn’t say it, but he gives Jack the impression that he wants one of them to kill Smokey, to do what he did not do. Jacob refuses to choose a replacement. Instead, he wants one to have the choice. Jack stands up and chooses to take over protection of the island.)

That was totally awesome! Does Jacob not know how to kill Smokey? Well, how is Jack going to know what to do? Desmond is going to know what to do!

Jacob tells Jack where the light is…past the bamboo field where Jack landed when Oceanic 815 crashed. Jacob is doing the same thing for Jack that Mother did for him when he took over protection of the island. Jack drinks, promising to do this job for as long as he can. AND JACK KNOWS NOW. He has understanding.

Kate, Sayid, and Desmond are being transported to county. Desmond is talking to Kate and Sayid about breaking free. He implies he knows the driver. Desmond tells them that they have to do exactly what he tells them to do. He’ll get them free and they’ll owe him a favor. Ana Lucia opens the back of the van. Hurley drives up, pays Ana Lucia, whom he knows but he’s not supposed to know, and leaves with Sayid. Kate leaves with Desmond in Hugo’s Camaro. They are going to a concert. (Could it be Driveshaft? or Daniel Faraday, the pianist? All I know for sure is that THAT SEQUENCE OF EVENTS WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!)

Smokey and Ben are walking to the well where Desmond is supposed to be. But Desmond is gone. Smokey isn’t at all upset by this. (I guess one learns patience when one lives for as long as Smokey has lived.) Smokey explains to Ben that when he finds Desmond, he’s going to use him to destroy this island.


OK, folks, this episode was fantastic. Questions were answered, the story moved forward, the characters lined up right — Ben is bad, while Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Hurley are together — and there is a definite merging of the island and LA going on. From the way Smokey spoke at the end, it seems like he no longer cares about leaving the island. He wants to destroy the island now. So, now I have new questions:
1. Is the sinking of the island the same as destroying the island? I’m going to say, “No,” to that one. The island isn’t destroyed; it’s just underwater.
2. Does Smokey cut Jack’s throat? Is that why the wound on Jack’s neck is getting larger?
3. Will Jack kill Smokey by killing Locke on the operating table while Desmond is doing his thing with the light? We know that Smokey doesn’t like water…maybe something that Desmond does with the light sinks the island and “kills” Smokey. On the other hand, if Jack kills Locke, then that leaves Jack…well, his character arc goes unredeemed. Perhaps Locke’s healing in LA cripples Smokey on the island. That doesn’t really make sense. Maybe Smokey’s demise leads to Locke’s languishing on the operating table…ooooh, I can’t wait to find out what happens!
4. Why did Desmond tell Jack that the airline had found his coffin? Won’t that make Jack go to the airport? Or will the airline deliver the coffin to his house? What’s the significance of that? Perhaps that’s how Jack’s character comes full-circle since in the first episode he ran in search of his father, totally lost it when his father’s body wasn’t in the coffin when he found it in the caves.
5. This episode is called, “What They Died For.” Maybe they ALL die — that will be sad.

I would love to hear your questions and reactions to this episode!! Please share in the comments.

Did you find what you were looking for?

One of the WordPress features I enjoy is the “Search Engine Terms” referral list. It tells me what people were searching for when they found my blog. Yesterday, the list was kind of long.

Several people were looking for book reviews: The Magician’s Elephant, Flashforward, and The Church of Facebook.  I guess I owe the Flashforward searches to the television show.  I have not been watching, so I don’t know how the show is comparing to the book.  I did watch in the fall, and it wasn’t tracking with the book at all back then.  One person was looking for comments on Night by Elie Wiesel.

Another person was searching for information regarding 2 Corinthians 10:4, 5.  I had my own questions about that bit of scripture, so I’m glad I wrote about it if it helps someone else.  I first asked a question in the post, “Using 2 Corinthians 10:4, 5,” and I answered the question in this post, “Using 2 Corinthians 10:4, 5 (Part 2).” The whole question came to mind after reading Self Talk, Soul Talk.

A few people were searching for prayers and hymns.

Most funny to me is that EVERY day someone lands on my blog after having searched for “figured out Lost.”  I want to figure out the show as much as the next person, however, I don’t want spoilers before the finale.  I still want the story to unfold; I still want to be surprised when “all my questions are answered.”  (If they answer ANY of my questions, I will be surprised.)  My hubby thought he had it figured out before this season started, though.  Several people search for a picture of the rice krispy treat foot.  Believe it or not, every single day someone ends up here because they want to see this —

rice krispy treat foot
Our LOST Party cake

Yes, someone actually googled, “rice krispy treat foot.”  Weird.  If we have a party for the finale, what kind of cake/treat sculpture should I make?  What image symbolizes this final season?  Mirrors?  Smoke? (I’ll be back later tonight to live-blog the new episode.)

This is a question for LOSTies

We know that it is possible for the Island’s protector to be replaced.  Can “Smokey” be replaced, too?  If Jack takes the place of Jacob, who will take the place of Smokey?  Assuming that this is possible….do you think Widmore, in his lust for the power of the island will go to the light, separate his soul from his body, and become the new Smokey?

*Update: Nevermind…I just remembered that the island ends up underwater.

A few Lost thoughts

I apologize for not posting anything about Lost last week.  My laptop’s power cord was/is having problems which meant that I could not write and watch the episode at the same time.  (I’m saving whatever power is left in the battery for when I wipe the hard drive and move everything I want to save over to the external hard drive.)  I’m still dealing with that issue, so I couldn’t write and watch at the same time last night, either.  Honestly, though, last night’s episode only confused me.  Take a breath because you’re about to enter my stream of consciousness (that may or may not have a warm light at the end of it).

The Candidate

It was an action-packed episode.  The Losties were locked in cages, then rescued by Sayid, Jack and Smokey.  How easy was that?!  Unless one has a baggie full of ash there just isn’t much defense against the pillar of smoke.

Sawyer’s plan totally backfired.  I knew Flocke’s story about everyone having to be together to get off the island wasn’t true.  I just had no clue that he was going to try to kill them all at once.

I enjoyed getting to see Bernard again.  He seemed rather mysterious, didn’t you think?

Were you ready for the deaths of so many characters?  I’ll admit that I wasn’t; I shed a few tears before the Nicorette commercial.  Overall, I was pleased with the way they died.  Jin didn’t leave Sun — yay!  Lapides went out with a sarcastic one-liner — yay!  Sayid, the hero, ran with the bomb to give the others a greater chance of survival — yay!


  • Poor Claire.  What’s going to happen to her?
  • What’s going to happen to ATL Sun and Jin now that their island selves are dead?
  • When she recognized Locke (in “The Last Recruit”) as they were entering the hospital, did she recognize him as “Smokey”?
  • Is Smokey going to fly the plane himself?
  • To what is Smokey referring when he said he was going “to finish what he started?”

Across the Sea

Again, I sat down totally unprepared for this episode.  While it answered a few questions, by the end I was more confused than when I started.

We learned that Jacob and MIB are brothers.  They are the twin sons of Claudia (a Roman; I am basing that on the use of Latin in her conversation with Mother (and remember — all Others speak Latin), her dress, etc.), another shipwrecked and pregnant woman.  Jacob was born smiling and was wrapped in a white cloth.  His unnamed brother emerged crying and was wrapped in black cloth.  We could pore over this episode and draw tons of Biblical comparisons (I’m thinking Romans 9, God’s sovereign election stuff), but I simply don’t have the time tonight.  Besides, the comparisons will not fit exactly and that would only frustrate me.

*Interesting tidbit*In Genesis, God creates and names Adam, thereby exercising and demonstrating His authority over Adam.  God brings Adam all of the animals and allows Adam to name them, thereby demonstrating Adam’s authority over the animals.  Adam also names his wife Eve, demonstrating his authority over her.  I think it’s interesting that Brother isn’t given a name by anyone.  I don’t know why the show’s creators chose not to name him (perhaps it’s because not naming him makes it easier for the viewers to think of him as a personification of an idea, like evil), but I think it’s interesting because Brother/MIB/Smokey takes on many identities but seems to answer to no one.*/tidbit*

Claudia was murdered by Mother.  I presume Mother had to kill Claudia because Claudia came from “across the sea” and was, therefore, evil.  Do you remember way back in (I think) Season 1 when Sayid was trying to decipher some writing on Rousseau’s maps.  He enlisted Shannon’s help because it was in french.  It turned out to be “La mer,” known to us Americans as “Beyond the Sea,” by Bobby Darin.  Interesting, no?

I also think it’s interesting that MIB is called Brother and Desmond calls everyone “Brotha.”  There probably isn’t any real connection there; I just think it’s interesting.

Here’s my theory: Mother saw an opportunity to raise a child in her pristine, undefiled island paradise.  But Claudia was pregnant with twins.  Did you notice Mother’s look of panic when baby #2 started to come out?  She seemed very uncertain in that moment.  Kind of like she didn’t know what to do with two.  Which one should she choose to take over protection of the island?

Jacob is very much like her in that he believes that people are basically good.  He is content to stay within the bounds set by Mother.  Even when circumstances do not make sense, he believes and obeys her.  At the same time, though, he sneaks away to watch Brother and the Others.

Brother, however, though he is Mother’s favorite son, proves that people are not good.  He rejects/questions everything Mother tells him.  Like John Locke, Brother is told repeatedly that he is special and that there are some things that he can’t do.  He wasn’t supposed to know about his real mother, the other people from her wrecked ship, what lies beyond the sea, or other ways to get to the mysterious, warm light.  But he pursues them all.

Without a doubt, both sons are warped by Mother.

The warm light coming from the island: I have no idea.  I guess I’m supposed to believe that it really is the source of all life.  OK.  Mother said it was the source of life, death, and rebirth.  BUT it is incredibly dangerous for anyone to go into the light. When Jacob tossed Brother into the light, it split his soul from his body.  Or something like that.  We also know that the light emits a powerful electromagnetic force.  AND we know that the island is underwater in 2004.  So…Mother was wrong?  That’s something that, I guess, will be worked out in the next few episodes.

Questions: Was Jacob reborn?  Is that how we’re seeing him as a youth on the island?

Brother’s conversations with Mother and Jacob were heavy with the conflict between faith and science.  Curiosity, ideas = good.  Faith, belief = bad.

Question: Why was Mother bathed in light at the bottom of the well?  How’d she get down there so fast? Was she already dead?  Where did she come from anyway?

This episode showed the origin of the frozen donkey wheel. Somehow Brother figured out a way to turn a wheel in the light and move the water so that he could leave the island.  I would like to understand the science behind that one because it does not make sense to me.

Questions:  How did Mother get Brother out of the well, destroy and fill in the well, and burn down all of the Others all by herself?  And how did Brother never fall in love and procreate with an Other?  When he was surveying the carnage I hoped he would search for his love or someone special, but no.  Thirty years went by and he never fell in love?!

Adam and Eve are Mother and Brother.  Didn’t see that coming until right before it happened.

Questions:  Why did Mother thank Brother for killing her?  Did Brother ever used Mother’s body to manipulate Jacob?  What was the incantation Mother recited over the cup that she gave Jacob to drink?

I felt really confused at the end of “Across the Sea.”  We were introduced to two new characters, and the story did not progress at all.  And, need I remind you, there are only a few hours left to tell the story.

Let me know what you think!!