LOST — for the last time

In case you haven’t seen LOST’s finale yet, here’s your *SPOILER WARNING* …They’re all dead.  Some people died on the island.  Some people died off-island.  Some characters lived a long time after they left the island.  Some probably died soon after leaving the island. Once a character died, however, he or she went to this […]

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Penultimate LOST

Jack wakes in his apartment, walks to the bathroom, and notices a nasty cut on his neck. David announces he made breakfast. He has a concert tonight and his mom will be there. Claire walks in and eats a bowl of cereal with her brother and nephew. Phone rings: it’s Oceanic airlines to let him […]

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This is a question for LOSTies

We know that it is possible for the Island’s protector to be replaced.  Can “Smokey” be replaced, too?  If Jack takes the place of Jacob, who will take the place of Smokey?  Assuming that this is possible….do you think Widmore, in his lust for the power of the island will go to the light, separate […]

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A few Lost thoughts

I apologize for not posting anything about Lost last week.  My laptop’s power cord was/is having problems which meant that I could not write and watch the episode at the same time.  (I’m saving whatever power is left in the battery for when I wipe the hard drive and move everything I want to save […]

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