First Day of School Pics

I tried to achieve the perfect first-day-of-school photo. I really did. But as my children love to do¬† whenever I want to create a moment or make a memory “extra special,” they decide it’s the perfect time to be silly. When will I learn? I was trying to take individual photos, but the other wouldn’t […]

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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for technology. It gets used a-plenty for evil, but good, God-honoring usage abounds. My six-year blogging anniversary is coming up. And one of the things I always wonder about when I read a blog is, what is she really like? I know it’s easy to build an expectation about what a person […]

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Family Read-Alouds

A “Thankful Thursday” post On days that I do not leave the house, even if I’ve done several chores, I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything. Today I loaded, unloaded, reloaded, and ran the dishwasher. Fed the family a couple of times. Sorted and began washing the laundry. Made a run to the grocery […]

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