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Learning is fun{ny}

Abbey: Guess what is the hardest part of my body? Me: Ummm, your head! Abbey: Nope. I know something you don’t know! Me: Well, tell me. What’s the hardest part of the body? Abbey: My enormal; it’s even harder than my booooonesssss. Me: Your…

Double dreams! What do they mean?

The last couple of nights I have had two of the strangest dreams. The weirdest part is that I remember them! I hope they amuse you as much as they do me. Monday morning I awoke with a mental picture of my friend April…

7 am – 7:45 am

I’ve been up since about 5:20 this morning.  Nothing noteworthy about that; I only mention it because it is now 7 and I’m only beginning to write something.  I had high hopes of writing about something from Isaiah (from this morning’s reading), but it…

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