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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for technology. It gets used a-plenty for evil, but good, God-honoring usage abounds. My six-year blogging anniversary is coming up. And one of the things I always wonder about when I read a blog is, what is she really like? I… Continue Reading “Thankful Thursday”

Five Wrong Views about Christians and Government

Many moons ago, I wrote that I would blog through Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture. I blogged about the Introduction and haven’t mentioned it again. I want to try to… Continue Reading “Five Wrong Views about Christians and Government”


The 2012 election campaign officially kicked-off this week with President Obama’s first campaign ad. In case you missed it: Oops, my bad. This is it: I’ll be the first to admit that I become animated….ok, obnoxious, about certain issues and politicians. I’m certain that… Continue Reading “Politics”

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