Old English Riddles

We visited a local thrift store in search of several pairs of shorts for my oldest son to wear this week while away at summer camp. After finding the items we came for, we decided to search for other treasures that I’ve heard can be found a’thrifting: scratched and dented furniture, mismatched china, vinyl records, […]

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Finding Delight — Week 3

This week I took delight in meditating on Psalm 19. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Their measuring line goes out through […]

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An Attentive Eye

To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again. — Ralph Waldo Emerson  

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Physical Evidence

Jules writes, Because bloggers sometimes need a comic boost and a nudge, here’s a meme which demands physical evidence: 1.  What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus? My flickr account, my Spanish notebook, my piles of half-read and unread books, my stack of photographs on empty frames, two bags of clothing supposed […]

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