Book Review: Loving the Church

God’s People Flourishing in God’s Family by John Crotts Publisher: Shepherd Press You’ve heard the joke about the couple looking for a church to join, haven’t you?  After visiting several, someone says, “You’ll never find the perfect church.  Once you join, it won’t be perfect anymore.”  We all laugh at ourselves over that because we […]

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In the News

It has been quite a while since one of my “In the News” posts, and I’d think it’d be fun to fill you in on a few details. We are still going strong with school at home. I am going to try to post something interesting from our week on Fridays. We’ll see how long […]

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What makes a church healthy?

I wish I could say that I’ve seen the seeker-sensitive thing for what it is from its very beginnings. But that wouldn’t be true. We were members of a first baptist type church when Rick Warren’s methodologies became really popular on this side of the country. There were “church @”s springing up all over the […]

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How to choose a church

In light of the several posts I’ve written regarding our process of choosing a church, I thought I’d throw this out here for discussion. These guidelines and questions are some we have asked pastors and ourselves as we’ve visited the churches in our area. I think using tools like this one are helpful in keeping […]

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