I’ve noticed a great many complaints these days since the Super Bowl and its commercials aired. “The commercials weren’t very good this year.” “None of them really stood out to me.” “The commercials are lame this year.” Really, y’all? They’re commercials. Why have such high expectations for commercials? Even more, be disappointed over something important. […]

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Old English Riddles

We visited a local thrift store in search of several pairs of shorts for my oldest son to wear this week while away at summer camp. After finding the items we came for, we decided to search for other treasures that I’ve heard can be found a’thrifting: scratched and dented furniture, mismatched china, vinyl records, […]

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May is finally here!

May is my favorite. Not only is the weather perfectly pleasant in May, but this month includes lots of birthdays, anniversary days, special days, and end-of-school days. It is with a full family calendar in mind that I announce a break from regular blogging during May. I cannot promise that I will not blog at […]

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Finding Delight — Week 4

This may seem like a small thing to find delight in, but made me happy. Matthew 26:6 says, “Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper…” Leviticus 13 and 14 provide the details regarding lepers and how they were to be treated. Those with skin diseases were pronounced unclean. They […]

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