Emma & Josh

A friend called this past week to see if I’d be available to photograph her daughter’s engagement. Well, of course! I love these types of happy events, plus it gave me a good excuse to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in about 13 years. Emma was just in elementary school when our families last hung out together. She’s a junior at UA now and such a beauty, inside and out!

Josh’s plan was to propose at the same place he asked Emma to be his girlfriend a couple of years ago – by the fountain in the engineering quad. So, I found a bush to hide behind and tried not to get in the way until it looked like they were ready for me to interrupt them for some more photos. The University of Alabama is a good place to fall in love, folks.

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Post #2 – a status update

I just noticed that I have only posted once to this blog for all of 2016. Like many of my fellow blogging friends of the early 2000’s, I find myself asking, “Should I renew my domain for one more year or let this die?”

Considering that I was a daily blogger for SO MANY YEARS, it makes me sad that I haven’t made time for writing. A lot has changed. I guess, in the midst of the changes, I just didn’t want to write and hit publish at the end of the day.

Sitting…at what used to be our school table. Now it’s just a table. I’m not sad about it.


ReadingEverything We Keep: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale. It was suggested by my kindle, so I borrowed it. Right now I’m just getting dragged on by suspense at the end of each chapter. So far, so good.

Preparing…for the holidays. I’ve done my shopping. I’m almost finished with the wrapping. The kids are counting down the days until exams are finished and school is out. Then the fun can begin.

Thinking…about whether or not it’s safe to return to facebook. Yes, I deactivated after the election. I have learned that I get along better with others when I don’t know what they think about every.little.thing. Plus, who needs to know what 480 people think about a thing? Not me.

General mood…roll tide.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got laundry to do.


A Tuscaloosa Sunset Photowalk

For my birthday, my friend April wanted to take me out for some coffee and conversation. I requested we take a photowalk and have conversation instead.


Introducing Chewie

Back in June, we adopted an abandoned puppy and named him Chewie. We know he’s made of some Bernese Mountain Dog, but we don’t know what else comprises his DNA. But he’s ADORABLE!

Here’s a more recent picture:


Still adorable…just a little larger.


Eight months have passed since my last post. I’ve been a bad blogger. A lot has happened: births, deaths, travels, work, school, recreation, rearrangements, what-nots, and wingdings….too much for me to attempt to sum up. Instead, I offer a few of my favorite images from the past week or two.

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