Post #2 – a status update

in which I attempt blog-resuscitation

I just noticed that I have only posted once to this blog for all of 2016. Like many of my fellow blogging friends of the early 2000’s, I find myself asking, “Should I renew my domain for one more year or let this die?”

Considering that I was a daily blogger for SO MANY YEARS, it makes me sad that I haven’t made time for writing. A lot has changed. I guess, in the midst of the changes, I just didn’t want to write and hit publish at the end of the day.

Sitting…at what used to be our school table. Now it’s just a table. I’m not sad about it.


ReadingEverything We Keep: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale. It was suggested by my kindle, so I borrowed it. Right now I’m just getting dragged on by suspense at the end of each chapter. So far, so good.

Preparing…for the holidays. I’ve done my shopping. I’m almost finished with the wrapping. The kids are counting down the days until exams are finished and school is out. Then the fun can begin.

Thinking…about whether or not it’s safe to return to facebook. Yes, I deactivated after the election. I have learned that I get along better with others when I don’t know what they think about every.little.thing. Plus, who needs to know what 480 people think about a thing? Not me.

General mood…roll tide.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got laundry to do.


Go, me. (September Status Update)

Wow. My daily blogging streak lasted all of 13 days.

I went on two camping trips in August and forgot all about the blog.

Then, last week, I received a sweet email from a friend:


Just a quick note to say that I miss your blogging. I was so glad to see you writing again 🙂

Hope you are well.

In Him,
I kid you not, my first thought was, Oh, yeah, I blog. I forgot to blog every day!
I guess with school getting into full-swing, I’ve been really busy and disengaged from anything that isn’t demanding my attention RIGHT NOW. I’m going to rectify that beginning today, not because I feel like I have to blog, but because I want to blog.
The second daily activity I tried to begin again was taking at least one picture each day. I totally failed at that, which means I don’t have very much to show for the three weeks that I didn’t write.
I have a few minutes to spare now that the kids and I have finished up a few school subjects for the morning. At the moment, they are rebelling against differentiating and diagramming predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives, so I sent them to the backyard for the next 15 minutes. Maybe running around will help their brains wake up.
Without further ado, here’s a short status update for September.
Sitting…at the school table.
Reading…a grammar textbook.
Thinking…of another way to explain subjective complements.
Thinking…what’s for lunch?
Anticipating…getting together with other homeschool moms tonight for some conversation, fun games, and coffee.
Also anticipating…FALL!!!! We had a wonderful summer full of activity, fun, and record-setting heat and sweat, but I’m ready for cool days, changing leaves, and my fleece jacket. (Yes, the levels of sweat sweated from my body broke records).
Participating…in a women’s self-defense class this month. We had our first meeting this week. My main take-away: “Head on a swivel.”
Watching…the seconds tick by on my 15 minutes to blog.
Wishing…I had more to share, but I’m at a loss for anything interesting, engaging, or amusing. Plus, I’ve exceeded my 15 minutes.
Lord willing, I’ll blog tomorrow!

It’s for fun

I read recently that the winds of revival are stirring across America. Perhaps they’ll blow over this old blog of mine.

I’d like to return to regular blogging (and reading and writing); however, judging by my ability to post something today (oh, day of new beginnings), I’d say the chances are slim that I’ll be blogging with any sort of regularity. Nevertheless, the desire is present and pressing. What I lack is PURPOSE.

Blogs of Note

I am currently proctoring an SAT test. These 6th graders are scribbling away at their little answer bubbles while I’m reading my favorite blogs. I love technology; thumb-scrolling is silent. Anyway, I want to share one of my favorite blogs with you.

My in-real-life friend Lynn posts something almost every day. If you enjoy my blog, then you’ll love hers. She shares quotes from what she’s reading. She enjoys the classics, as well as new books destined to become classics. She is a photographer, too. Naturally, she shares pictures of her adorable children. But she also shares pictures from her travels. Two years ago, her husband took her on a trip through England’s countryside. The photos from that trip are so beautiful. Currently, she is enjoying another anniversary trip to France. Once again, she is sharing beautiful photographs, and I just wanted to pass along a link for anyone interested in some breath-taking views of France.


Blogging Lore


Hello there.

I have updated this space somewhat regularly since 2006. Two thousand six. As a matter of fact, the end of this month will mark the 7th anniversary of Leslie Wiggins’ little spot o’ interweb real estate. Seems like forever ago. And, in internet years, it’s like a century.

I’m just feeling a little nostalgic. Indulge me?

When this started, I blogged from my laundry room. Karl set up a desk area in there for me and put a lock on the door. It was my own little private spot. The children were much younger and the laundry room was my room of refuge. I read books, reviewed books, wrote about my life, politics, and solved society’s ills, all while processing the laundry.

Back then we had major plumbing issues associated with our laundry room. (Plumbing issues are part & parcel of owning an old home). The pipe leading away from the washer was the Joe Miller of pipes — it just couldn’t handle all the water at once. I used to stand at the machine and turn the motor off and on, controlling the water-flow until the tub drained. Not even replacing the pipes could fix it. You want to know the ultimate remedy? Installing a water-efficient machine. Gloryhallelujahamen, no more sprinting to the laundry to prevent a flood!

I don’t really recall the circumstances surrounding my moving out of the laundry room, but I think it had something to do with needing another computer and desk in the school room. Nowadays, I blog from anywhere. The children are older, and I no longer feel the psychological-health need to hide from them from time to time. Instead, they vie for their own spaces and attempt to hide from me.


Originally, I called my blog, “Lux Venit,” and my theme was Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” I wrote a lot about Jesus and most of it was roll-my-eyes bad. Sometimes I wonder if I over-shared in those days. I didn’t think twice about sharing exactly how I felt about a thing. When I was feeling depressed, you knew it. I think people worried about me because someone would call or email to let me know that they were praying for me. But the great thing about the way I blogged back then was that it was therapeutic. And real. Having a reader respond with encouragement or, “I feel the same way,” was uplifting. I’m sure the prayers helped, too, though.

In 2006, when I shared with someone that I wrote a blog, I had to explain to someone what a blog was. The response was usually a strange look, followed by, “That’s neat.” Then, the internet got bigger. It’s no longer an interesting talking point to have a blog nowadays because EVERYONE and their pets have blogs. I mean that literally, not tongue-in-cheek…pets have blogs. It seems only fair since we wouldn’t have the internet without the aid of cats.


Blogging was fun! I had a little circle of bloggy-friends, and we all listed one another on our sidebars, visited, and commented on every post. I even wrote a series of posts on blogging etiquette. (They seem terribly out-dated now that social media has boomed). We tagged one another in posts and passed around silly memes. We took quizzes and laughed with each other. Total fun and purposeless.

The last two years or so, I have really struggled with a purpose for this site. What’s my goal? Why do I blog?  The new blogging rules say things like, “Build your tribe,” “build your brand,” and, “shorter is better.”

Who decided those rules anyway? Who says I have to keep my posts short because readers are all, “TL;DR?”

Well, I’m bringing long-form back, y’all.


The End.