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Did you find what you were looking for?

One of the WordPress features I enjoy is the “Search Engine Terms” referral list. It tells me what people were searching for when they found my blog. Yesterday, the list was kind of long. Several people were looking for book reviews: The Magician’s Elephant,… Continue Reading “Did you find what you were looking for?”

Book Review: The Church of Facebook

How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community by Jesse Rice How many people among your friends and family have a Facebook account?  I bet the number is growing.  About a month ago, my father announced his initial foray into the internet when he sent me… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Church of Facebook”

Recommended Reading

Friday night at Secret Church Dr. Platt mentioned a list of books he recommends if you are interested in further study of possessions and prosperity. He did say to be discerning because he doesn’t necessarily agree with everything in all of these books. Read, learn, but be wise.

My initial thoughts after reading Radical

“Initial” because I’m sure I’ll be revisiting it. Taking back your faith from the American Dream by David Platt I don’t know where to begin, so I’m just going to start writing. This book contains a radical message for the church in America.  In… Continue Reading “My initial thoughts after reading Radical”

Book Review: What Is the Gospel?

What Is the Gospel?

Each generation is faced with the task of preserving the Gospel, and, right now, too much of our generation is confused. This book will assist church leaders and laypeople in evaluating, on a corporate level and an individual level, their faithfulness to the Gospel.

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